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How to Open Nang Without a Cracker?

First, we have to know what “Nang” means. We can say that nang is a type of cream charger that helps us make cream-related things. How to Open Nang Without a Cracker or a whipped cream dispenser is risky. Nang is a kind of cylinder that is full of nitrous oxide. So here we learn about the process; we will not use crackers and open them safely.

Normally we use two types of nang. We used low-volume chargers in home kitchens, coffee shops, and restaurants. Another one is high volume, which is used in commercial businesses.

Usually, we use crackers, but if we don’t have any crackers, what will we do then? In that situation, we can make a small instrument using a PVC pipe, a balloon, and a holder. Another way we can use soft things for control the pressure.

How to open nang without a cracker: a step-by-step guide

We already know that a nang is a steel cylinder that is filled with nitrous oxide. But we don’t know how a cracker can help us open it. When nang is loaded full of N2O and is inside a box for some days, it puts high pressure on it. If we want to open it quickly without the help of a cracker, we have to deal with the pressure. And the pressure will be so great that it will kill a man.

When we have crackers, we use them, but when we do not have any of them, then we have to do something to prevent a dangerous situation. We can make crackers by ourselves or follow those steps.

Make a structure and open nang: we can make it on our own by using some normal tools like T, or L-shaped PVC pipe, a nail, and some holders and pipe fittings. First, we have to adjust a thread in one head of a T-shaped PVC pipe. Then we use glue to set up the nail in another head of the line. Then move the holders and fit the pipe to the correct length. On the other hand, we have to set up a balloon. This balloon consumes all the pressure and makes us safe.

Constructed tools like asthmatic patient inhalers: this homemade cracker is likely the same as the previous one, but not totally. For this, we will use an angle piece of pipe and some water. With the help of an angled pipe, we have to make some loops and then fill them with water. Another side of the loop goes to a balloon’s line.

This setup will work like an inhaler; when the pressure comes from the cream charger, it will go through the pipe and cold water, then a balloon. So the pressure will be less, and we can feel secure.

End Talk

It is very dangerous to use a cream charger without a cracker. Without knowing the proper use of crackers, if we want to open a cream charger, it is able to kill us. That happens because of the cold nitrous oxide. When we open it, the cold gas rushes out fast, so we need a cracker. To know more about this topic you can visit our website.