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Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional-grade chef, decorating desserts must be an unmatchable endeavor for any culinary enthusiast. Long gone are the days of putting manual effort to execute fine-textured whip cream, Cream chargers or nangs are the latest addition to home appliances for great quality whipped cream within seconds. If you are a fan of fine dining, we feel your urge to have well-decorated dessert delicacies on the plate. Hence we have brought the best quality cream chargers (locally known as Nangs) to bring the five-star restaurant to your table. Now you can go beyond any limitation for your icing, mousse and fresh cream with our high rated products.

We provide 24/7 Nang delivery Brisbane; all you need is to dial our number and we will be at your doorsteps. To know more go through the following segments.

What are Nangs?

Nang is a common slang in Australian suburbs that refers to whipped cream chargers. These whipped cream chargers or nangs are basically cartridges or cylinders infused with the whipping agent nitrous oxide (N2O). To be more precise, nangs refer to whipped cream bulbs filled with nitrous oxide gas as the main whipping agent in a dispenser.

Nitrous oxide is widely known as a l gas; in a cream charger, this gas creates wonders by producing fluffy, heavenly whipped cream. Users can use this cream everywhere from bars to home kitchens, from industrial catering to the day to day pancake icing. These cream chargers have other different names as well and they are nos, nossies, whippits and also whippets.

How to use Nangs?

Using a nangs cream charger is no rocket science yet a proper guideline won’t harm anyone right? Here, we have added the step by step guide to using a nangs cream charger to acquire the pillowy textured whipped cream.

  • Step 1: First, remove the top of the whip cream charger dispenser and place the tip (the tip should be screwed inside the head valve’s end). The O ring/ gasket should be placed on the bottom of the head.
  • Step 2: Now, pour the liquids/ cream into the container. You can use your preferred batter, and flavour and can also add sugar and syrups as per your requirement. Always fill the container to the max line and never do overfilling.
  • Step 3: This part is crucial; you have to carefully screw the top into the canister. Make sure it’s positioned evenly and firmly and don’t cross-thread. One bulb of the cream charger must be placed onto the dispenser head. Now, until the gas is released with a hissing sound gently twist the charging holder onto the whipper’s head.
  • Step 4: To mix the nitrous with the cream, make sure to shake the cream charger a couple of times.

Pro Tip: to ensure a longer life expectancy for the cream charger, once you are done whipping, discard the charger. and with the help of a tiny brush, wash the nozzle using warm water.

How many nangs are safe?

As the cream chargers or nangs contain nitrous oxide as the main agent, there always remains a safety issue. It is widely known as a laughing gas as well. Other than in the cream chargers, nitrous oxide is commonly used for medicinal purposes. Nitrous oxide can be lethal as well and sometimes is abused by people and is used as a drug.

Whatsoever, five balloons filled with nitrous oxide are considered safe for the human body. To be more precise, for acute exposure, less than 100 parts per billion for 1 hour is considered safe. And for maximum exposure 20 parts per billion for 1 hour is safe.

What do Nangs do?

Well, nangs do all the wonders when it comes to whipping cream and these cream chargers have literally opened a new horizon in the whipping process. It has drastically eliminated the manual effort of whipping cream.

As nangs contain nitrous oxide which is an amazing gas if used properly. Nitrous oxide adds volume to the cream and unlike oxygen it kills any sort of bacterial growth. As a result the users can store the whipped cream for almost 8 to 10 days.

Especially, for commercial restaurants, bars and eateries, cream chargers are the game-changers. As with this product, one can add extra oomph to the dishes. And also cream chargers are capable of producing a large volume of whipped cream within seconds which is a primary prerequisite for any restaurant.

Cream chargers are also very cost-effective; the cylinders are often plated with zinc and nickel and last long. The overall machine is not so expensive as well.

Even nangs help the consumer in portion control; nangs add almost four times the volume of the regular cream whereas the traditional hand motion can increase a maximum of two times the volume of the cream. This means if you consume whipped cream by nangs you get to control the consumption portion.

Cream chargers or nangs allow you to add any ingredient or flavour as per your wish. Even one can add fresh fruits, can control the quantity of sugar and also can add customized flavours.

Where to buy nangs in Brisbane?

If you are located in Brisbane and want nangs right at your doorstep, we, the Nangs Delivery are here to meet all your needs. Our nangs delivery Brisbane services include delivery in all the northern, southern and inner suburbs. Our customer service is available 24/7 at your service.

Also, we ensure nangs delivery in 20 minutes within 40km from Brisbane CBD. For many nangs delivery, Brisbane related queries contact us through the website or you can directly call us on the provided phone number.

What happens if you have too many nangs?

Nangs cream chargers are quite safe yet excessive consumption of anything brings downfall one way or another. Whipped cream also is extremely delicious food to endeavor but too much whipped cream can cause certain problems.

Whipped cream is extremely high in fat and calories though it appears very snowy. You may make a fool out of yourself with its fluffy consistency but excessive consumption can lead to weight gain and other health issues as well.

As whipped cream made with nang is very high in sugar and calories, it can be harmful to people having heart disease and diabetes and can bring severe consequences as well.

Are nangs safe?

Nangs whipped cream chargers are completely safe when it is used for culinary purposes.

Most restaurants, bars, and cafes use nitrous oxide canisters to dispense cream. As it contains fat and calorie, excessive consumption is very dangerous. And also it gives exposure to nitrous oxide as well.

In short, whether nangs cream chargers are safe or not depends on the usage. If used properly it will only add flavour and taste value to your appetite and if not the consequences are dangerous.

Nang Safety Tips: The appropriate use of Nangs

Though prolonged usage of nangs can lead you to some risk factors, there are certain things you can consider to use nangs safely.

  • Always get the nang cream charger from a reliable source who only uses culinary grade safe nitrous oxide as the agent.
  • Limit control of the consumption portion of whipped cream to reduce the calorie count.
  • Never inhale the gas directly.
  • Never try to open the nangs with a needle.
  • Do not get the cylinder in contact with a naked flame.
  • Always store the cream charger in a dark and cool place.

Are nangs illegal in Australia?

As per the Australian Consumer Law, small gas canisters of nitrous oxide are legal for legitimate selling and medicinal and culinary purposes. Nangs are not at all banned by the government. Worldwide countries like the USA and UK have also not banned nangs.

Nangs have become extremely popular in the culinary business.

if someone sells nangs knowing it will be used as a form of abuse, under the current New South Wales laws, it is an offence.

How to open nang without a cracker?

We are strongly against of any method of opening the canister without a proper cracker or whipper.

Are nangs recyclable?

Nangs Cream Chargers are recyclable, you just need to know the right process. As nangs cylinders are made of steel which is solid metal, they can easily be recycled and can be used for future use.

All you have to do is to get rid of the plastic part (the plastic snouts) and get going with the steel metal. To reuse the can, make sure there remains no residue of the leftover cream. Wash the can thoroughly and then if you want you can also get rid of the brand name.

Don’t make your habit of using nangs to become trash to mother nature. With simple steps, one can reuse the cylinder. And as the steel is food grade, reusing it makes more sense.

Also, there are plenty of scrap metal artists who can turn trash into amazing stuff, you can hand your disposed cans to them as well.

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